• Criminal Lawyer Tempe Arizona

  • Criminal Lawyer Tempe Arizona. My practice is concentrated in criminal defense; all felony crimes from murder, aggravated assault, sex crimes, drug crimes, to misdemeanors, and DUI.  But I understand that representation involves many things beyond just going to court with you.  It involves counseling clients before they do something that may have legal implications, such as how to comply with Arizona’s medical marijuana laws.  It can involve discussing a legal issue and deciding to what extent a lawyer needs to be involved.  Even after a conviction, there are ways to have some crimes reduced or even set aside (Arizona’s version of expungement).  There are also ways of getting your Constitutional rights restored.

    Criminal Lawyer Tempe Arizona

    I will be able to help you no matter how far along in the criminal process you or your loved ones are. When I help a client I am much more involved than simply going to court with my client. I help clients with legal problems in order give them an understanding of what they can and cannot do in certain situations before it even happens.

    Besides criminal matters, people have legal matters that come up from time to time.  Some of these call for lawyers who specialize or whose practice is concentrated in a certain field.  Some are less complicated and can be handled by a lawyer you are familiar with.  I am not one to say I can handle any legal matter, no matter how complicated.  If I can help you with a legal issue, I’ll work with you to make it a smooth as possible.

    In short, no lawyer can be all things to all men, or all legal matters.  You need a criminal defense attorney to deal with a criminal matter, but may or may not need a specialist for all of life’s legal issues.  Call me and we can discuss what is best for you.


    Although my practice focuses in the area of criminal defense, I am also able and willing to help anyone with any sort of legal issue. Legal issues can come out of nowhere and you may need a lawyer quickly. I have the knowledge and skills at my law office to help you with most day to day legal issues. If we can help you then you can count on us to provide superior service.

    Criminal Lawyer Tempe Arizona