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    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Tempe Attorney Scott Campbell. In 2009, I started to practice law, but that was not until after a 25-year career in law enforcement. For those 25 years, I worked for the City of Plantation, Florida, Police Department. In addition, for 9 of those years, I was in charge of the “Major Crimes Unit.” The major crimes unit investigated all sorts of violent crimes including murder and rape. During my career in law enforcement, I was able to experience all levels of police work; from being a patrol officer all the way up to a supervisor of detectives.

    I believe that my career in law enforcement has been able to help me successfully do my job as a criminal defense attorney. I will often have people ask me, how I can defend accused criminals; after I was the one putting them behind bars for so many years? Because everyone has a right to Due Process and everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    As Americans, we have certain rights and there are people that may try and take those away. They can come in the form of bad laws or bad police officers. If we start cutting corners on how we arrest and prosecute the criminally accused; we would be ignoring the United States Constitution. Without the Constitution, we lose an essential aspect of being an American. We will always need watchdogs to keep an eye on those in power. Whether it’s protecting citizens against a police officer who believes in bending the rules; or protecting citizens from the government imposing unjust laws, it’s a job I am proud to say that I do.

    Tempe Attorney Scott Campbell


  • Why Attorney Scott Campbell

    Having worked in policing and criminal defense, I have had to deal with countless numbers of police and at various capacities. Because of those experiences, I know things about criminal law that other attorneys won’t know unless they were in law enforcement. I have seen the process from the other side and that knowledge is invaluable. Furthermore, finding a criminal defense attorney who has personal experience in policing is rare. Since police officers who become lawyers usually end up on the prosecution side. Therefore, my unique experience and dedication to my clients are what make me such a successful criminal defense attorney.

  • A Unique Perspective

    I am able to offer you the highest quality defense because of my unique experience within the criminal justice system. Before I was a defense attorney I was a police officer for 26 years. Being a police officer allowed me to gain insight into the criminal justice system that I would not have known otherwise. While I was a police officer I learned about various practices, techniques, and procedures that other attorneys would normally not know. My experience as a criminal defense attorney and as a police officer gives me and my clients a unique advantage when going to court.

    Tempe Attorney Scott Campbell

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